Types of Users in MeetingResult

MeetingResult implements a role based access model that segments functionality based on the role(s) that you have been assigned to.  The available roles include: 

  • Org Admin - An Org Admin user is a designation given to one or more Meeting Planners within an organization.  Org Admin users have the ability to create shared projects, shared stakeholders and grant access for other Meeting Planners within their Organization to shared projects.  
  • Meeting Planner - The Meeting Planner has full functionality within MeetingResult (with the exception of Org Admin capabilities) and can plan and conduct unlimited meetings and has access to an can update and track all meeting data for the meetings they have conducted as well as any .
  • Team Member - Team Members are granted a login to the system and have a dashboard where all their meeting information is available.  On this dashboard Team members can view all meetings they are scheduled to attend and have attended, view a consolidated list of all meeting assignments and manage the status and enter comments for all assignments. They can also access any documentation that has been shared to Team Members.

Licensing for MeetingResult is done at the Meeting Planner level.  The pricing presented on the pricing page is for each meeting planner license that is purchased. 

Each meeting planner has the ability to add as many Team Members as they want to their account.   

To learn how to add new Team Members click on the link below.  

Learn How To Add Team Members

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