I Just Signed Up. How Do I Get Started?

Congrats on signing up for MeetingResult.  Your meetings and the people attending them will thank you.  

If you haven't already downloaded your copy of MeetingResult essentials then grab it below.  This user guide includes step-by-step instructions with screen shots for all MeetingResult functionality. 

MeetingResult Essentials

Before you go any further we recommend that you watch the demo video below that we created for MeetingResult.  It will walk you through important application concepts and get you up and running fast.  

After you watch the demo video you are ready to log into MeetingResult.  

Login to MeetingResult at cloud.meetingresult.com using the email address and password that you registered with.  

The first thing you will see is a popup window asking you to plan your first meeting.  The wizard lists this as Step 3.  To plan a meeting in MeetingResult you first have to create a project and add at least one stakeholder.  We went ahead and took care of those steps for you.  We create a default project cleverly called "Default Project".  You can edit this project and change the name to whatever you want.  We also created a stakeholder record for yourself.  We assumed you would invite yourself to your first meeting so we went ahead and added you.  If you would like to go ahead and plan your first meeting you can complete the fields on the Popup window or you can exit the Wizard and plan a meeting later.  



Once you either exit the wizard or complete the planning of your first meeting you will want to do a few other things.  

  1. Configuration Settings - watch the video below to set important configuration settings.  
  2. Planning your first meeting and distributing the agenda and calendar invite
  3. Executing your first meeting and distributing the meeting summary report
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