How Are Projects Used In MeetingResult?

Projects are simple containers to help you organize your meetings.  You can create as many projects as you want in the system.  Below is a sample list of some of the types of customers we have and how they use Projects.  Hopefully this will give you some ideas for how you might be able to use Projects to suit your specific situation.  

  1. Software Development Companies - Each development effort is a separate project.
  2. Sales Organizations - Each opportunity is a separate project.  
  3. Government Contractors - Each proposal effort is a separate project. 
  4. Churches - Each ministry team is a separate project.
  5. Company or Non Profit Board of Directors - Each year is a separate project.  

There are really no restrictions on how you decide to use Projects.  Whatever works best for you to organize your work and the meetings that support that work.  Just remember that we provide Meeting Effectiveness Reporting and other metrics at the Project level.  

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