MeetingResult 2.0 Release Notes

We’re so excited to announce the release of MeetingResult Web 2.0 which will go live on June 6, 2015.   Through the great feedback and enhancement requests of our customers, we’ve added some great features to make it even easier for you to lead the most effective meetings on earth.

The new features available in MeetingResult Web 2.0 include: 

Redesigned Meeting Leader Dashboard

The Meeting Leader Dashboard (My Projects) is the main dashboard that is displayed when you login to MeetingResult Web.  We have completely redesigned this dashboard to put the essential information that meeting leaders need right at their fingertips. 

A - The My Project section has a list of all the Projects that you have created within MeetingResult.

B - Click this pie chart icon to access a global metrics report for all of your projects. You can access a project level metrics report by opening one of your projects and clicking on the same icon within the project dashboard.

C - Click the Create New Project button to create a new project.

D - Click on the name of the name of a project to open the project dashboard.

E - Each project has a Meeting Effectiveness Index (MEI) score that is a quantitative indication of the effectiveness of the meetings for the project.  The scale is 0 to 100 with 100 indicating the most effective meetings possible.  MEI scores are also calculated for each individual meeting.  The MEI feature can be disabled via the configuration menu accessible by clicking on your email address in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Please see the section on MEI below for more details. 

F - The list of upcoming meetings shows all your upcoming meetings across all projects.  The meetings are ordered based on the scheduled date with the next meeting scheduled at the top of the list.  

G - Click the Plan New Meeting button to plan a new meeting.

H - The Outstanding Meeting Assets section displays a list of meeting assets (action items, issues and risks only) sorted by due dates earliest to latest.  

I - Click the page icon to download an excel spreadsheet of all your meeting assets across all projects.  You can also download a list of assets per project by clicking on the same icon from within an individual project dashboard.

J - Click anywhere within the box for a meeting asset in order to view the details for that meeting asset.

K - Click on the status button to the right of any meeting asset to open up a status dialogue box that will allow you to change the status of the meeting asset and enter comments/notes for the meeting asset.  

L - The global search box allows you to locate any piece of data within MeetingResult by simply typing a word or a text string.  All meetings, meeting assets and stakeholders that match the entered text will appear in a dropdown list.  Click on the desired search result to immediately jump to that piece of information.  This is a great way to find historical meeting information.

M – This is the main navigation dropdown which contains links to access your Account page, Stakeholders list, Configuration options and Support information.

N – The My Meetings Dashboard allows you to view and manage all of your meeting information and assignments. This includes meetings you lead and attended.  This is available to Web Team level accounts and has to be enabled for each Team Member. To enable this you will navigate to the Stakeholder page and click on the Enable button next to Team Member Dashboard.  Each Web Team license comes with 10 Team Member licenses.  Additional licenses may be purchased.  

Meeting Effectiveness Index (MEI)

The Meeting Effectiveness Index (MEI) provides a quantitative assessment and visual feedback on the effectiveness of your meetings for each project.  We developed the MEI as a way for meeting leaders to measure their meeting performance.  Being able to measure meeting performance is the first step in improving your meetings.  The MEI combined with the meeting metrics report will allow you assess your overall performance and drill into the details to spot areas for improvement.  

MEI is based on 20 meeting metrics that are automatically captured as you use MeetingResult to manage your meeting process.  Many of the metrics we use to calculate the MEI are contained within the metrics report that is available for each project.  The MEI is calculated for each individual meeting that you conduct.  All of the scores are averaged across each Project and combined with how well your attendees follow up on meeting assignments to create the Project level MEI.  

The image below shows MEI scores for individual meetings.  

The image below shows the Project Dashboard for an individual project along with the Project level MEI and the icon to access the meeting metrics report for the project. 


Team Member Dashboard

The Team Member Dashboard was designed to improve the level of collaboration within your organizations and project teams.  The Team Member Dashboard allows you, the meeting leader, to designate certain frequent meeting attendees as members of your team and provide them with a login that allows them to access a consolidated dashboard that provides all of the information and content for the meetings they’ve attended, as well as a listing of their respective assignments made during meetings they have attended. Team members can manage the status of their assignments and provide comments that are immediately available to the meeting leader and other team members.  Gone are the days of endless emails to get status updates that are then stuck in someone's inbox inaccessible by others who need up to date information to do their jobs.  


Usability Improvements

We have made a bunch of improvements to the application to improve the overall usability of the application.  These improvements range from redesigning screens, changing the location of pages and menu items and introducing features to automate tasks to streamline functionality.  We hope you will find that the overall user experience is significantly improved and we welcome your feedback for further improvements.  Feedback can be sent to  The major usability improvements in this release include:

1. Look and Feel Improvements - The entire look and feel of MeetingResult has been updated to incorporate the latest flat design techniques.  Flat design places an emphasis on visual simplicity to improve the overall user experience.  

2. Updated Account Page - We have updated the account page to include all the information you need to manage your account information.  It includes a password reset link, license information and your unique meeting import email address which can be used to automatically add meetings to MeetingResult that are scheduled using your existing calendar software (i.e. Outlook, Google, Lotus, etc.)

3. Moved Stakeholder management page to new location and expanded the page to allow for better viewing and management of your Stakeholder list.  You will now access the Stakeholder management page by clicking on your email address in the upper right hand corner of the screen and choosing the Stakeholder option from the dropdown menu.  

The image below shows the new Stakeholder management page.  


4. Updated Configuration page that includes a new option to disable the MEI for those users who don't care how their meetings are performing :-)  But we know you care and will not want to disable your MEI scores!  We will also be using the Configuration page to add a host of new configuration options in upcoming releases.  

5. Automatic logo scaling so that your logo shows up without the need for you uploading a certain resolution or image size.  Just upload the logo at any resolution you desire and the system will automatically scale it to look right on the web and within the agenda and meeting summary reports that you create in MeetingResult.  

6. We added checkboxes next to the Objectives and Agenda Items to make it more intuitive and easier to indicate that you have completed Agenda Items and achieved Objectives during the execution of a meeting.  By the way the completion of Agenda Items and the achievement of Objectives are metrics that are part of the MEI algorithm so make sure you don't forget to give yourself credit for doing what you said you were going to do in your meetings!

7. Agenda Presenters are now automatically added as Meeting Attendees during the the meeting planning process.  Previously you had to manually add agenda presenters as attendees and that just didn't make sense.  After all it would be hard for someone to present during an agenda item if they didn't attend the meeting.  


As always we love hearing from our customers with new ideas to improve MeetingResult to make your meetings more productive.  Please send any and all ideas you have for new features or improvements to existing features to 

Together we can continue the quest for Fewer, Faster, More Focussed Meetings.  

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