What Are The Scores That Are Showing Up Next To My Meetings and Projects?

Do you wonder how effective your meetings are or how you can make them more effective?  Do you lack a way of quantitatively measuring your meeting performance? You are not alone!  Most people are stuck with qualitative measures of meeting performance which are very subjective and really don't allow you to zero in on the improvements you can make to increase your meeting performance.  

With MeetingResult's new Meeting Effectiveness Index (MEI) we have provided a way to quantitatively measure your meeting performance using 20+ metrics that we automatically capture as you use MeetingResult to manage your meeting process. Each meeting is scored on a range of 0-100 with 100 being the most effective meeting imaginable.  We also compute MEI at the project level which takes into consideration all of your individual meeting MEI scores plus how well you and your meeting attendees follow up on post meeting assignments.

The video below provides an overview of MEI and how it is used within MeetingResult.  


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