What is the My Meetings Dashboard? How Do I enable access for Team Members?

Some of your meeting attendees (i.e. Stakeholders) are likely members of your team and will attend most if not all of your meetings that you schedule.  MeetingResult provides you with the ability to designate these attendees as Team Members and provide them with a login to the system and a dashboard that contains all of their meeting information and assignments.  From this Team Member Dashboard they can view all past meetings, meetings they are scheduled to attend and provide updates on their assignments.  The Team Member Dashboard is accessible by clicking on the "My Meetings" link in the top level navigation within MeetingResult.  See below for step-by-step instructions for enabling a Stakeholder as a Team Member.  

To enable Team Member access for a Stakeholder follow these steps:

1. Click on your email address in the upper right hand corner and choose the Stakeholders option from the drop down menu.

2. Locate the Stakeholder by scrolling through the list or by searching for them using the search box.  

3. Click on the Stakeholder name to open the Stakeholder record.

4. Click on the "Enable" button next to Team Member Access.

5. MeetingResult will send the new Team Member an email with a link for them to complete the sign up process by creating a password.  Using their email address and the password they create they will be able to go to https://cloud.meetingresult.com and login to view their My Meetings Dashboard where they can view details about the meetings they attend and manage all of their assignments in one place.  

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