How do I format my csv file for bulk uploading stakeholders?

You can bulk upload an export of your contacts in vcf or csv format.  The vcf file will already be formatted properly but you need to make sure that you csv file is formatted properly.

Below is the list of fields imported from a csv file.  The csv file needs to have a header row with the column names for each of the fields.  MeetingResult looks for the first matching column name from the list of available columns that actually has a value — i.e. if your csv file has both “Business Phone” and “Phone” columns, it’ll first check if Business Phone is populated, and then Phone if not.  This is because "Business Phone" shows up in our list below first.  The order of the columns in the csv file does not matter.  Just make sure the header for each of the five data fields matches one of the options in the lists below.  

Email -- "E-mail Address", "E-mail 2 Address", "E-mail 3 Address", "Email", "E-mail", "Alternate Email 1", "Alternate Email 2"

First Name -- "First Name", "First"

Last Name -- "Last Name", "Last"

Phone -- "Business Phone", "Business Phone 2", "Primary Phone", "Home Phone", "Home Phone 2", "Mobile Phone", "Other Phone", "Work", "Primary", "Home", "Mobile", "Phone", "Other"

Title -- "Job Title", "Title"

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