MeetingResult Version 2.3 Release Notes

Version 2.3 of MeetingResult added the following features:

  1. Added time zone option to Configuration page to display correct time zone on meeting agenda and meeting summary reports. 

    Step 1 - Choose the Configuration option from the main dropdown menu next to the search box at the top right of the screen. 

    Step 2 - Click the Edit button at the top right of the Settings section on the Configuration page.

    Step 3 - Click on the drop down next to Time Zone and select your time zone. Click the Save button to save your time zone selection.  

  2. Added Asset status and comment fields to the Meeting Asset spreadsheet export. This feature allows you to export a list of all your Meeting Assets across all your projects, for a single project or a single meeting.  The exported spreadsheet contains separate tabs for each type of Meeting Asset (notes, decisions, action items, issues and risks).  The status and comment fields are added for action items, issues and risks.  

  3. Added new quick add feature for Objectives and Agenda Items when planning a meeting.  This features streamlines the planning process and allows you to rapidly add Objectives and Agenda Items. 

    Quick Add Objective

    Quick Add Agenda Item

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